Tiffany McKinely

Tiffany McKinely
Global War on Terrorism
Active Years: 
Military Rank: 
Information Systems Technician
U.S. Navy
Naval War College USS Halsey

Tiffany McKinely was raised in Oceanside, California, and comes from a family with a strong military background. In reaction to the attacks of 9/11, she enlisted in the Navy as way to serve her country and pay for her future college degree.

Tiffany was trained as an information technologist 2 and was stationed at the Naval War College and on the USS Halsey in the Pacific. She was assigned to the USS Halsey while it was still being built in Pascagoula, Mississippi making her a plank owner. The ship was commissioned in 2005 and Tiffany was on-board for its maiden deployment in August of 2006 where got to visit several foreign ports including Singapore, Hong Kong, and Kagoshima, Japan.

Upon leaving the Navy, she used her experience to work in the tech field. In 2012, Tiffany transferred to UC Berkeley, where she is a cognitive science major and an active member of the Cal Veterans group. After she graduates from Berkeley in May of this year, she plans on pursuing an M.S in human factors and ergonomics at San Jose State University in order to break into the field of human computer interaction.

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David Washburn
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